How To Handle Acne?

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If you have acne, you aren't alone. Most people, about 96% of people, will suffer from acne at one point in their life. Some will have it worse that others, spending a large portion of their adult life suffering from this condition.

Whatever the severity of your acne is, there are two very important things to remember, and to keep in mind.
1. Is that you are not alone, almost everybody on planet earth suffers from acne at some point in their life.
2. There are plenty of things you can do to fight this embarrassing condition

There are lots of different ways to treat your acne, based on how severe it is.

1. If you have mild acne, which is the most common, some over the counter medicine is probably the first thing you should try. These are generally skin cleansers, and will help to dry out your skin. Acne is formed when your pores become clogged, and your oil producing sebaceous glands keep on producing sebum, or oil. By continually cleaning your skin, and drying it out, you can re-open these pores to give you some relief.

2. If your acne is more severe, you can add some anti-bacterial medication into the mix. You can easily buy these at your local drugstore or supermarket. More serious acne can be exacerbated by the presence of bacteria, so the anti-bacterial medication can help fight this while the other part of the medication will clean your skin and help to open up the pores again.

3. If this doesn't work, then it's time to see your doctor. You will most probably receive the same basic kinds of medicine. Medicine that will fight the bacteria, as well as try and open up the pores on your skin. By getting it from your doctor, it will be prescription strength, and much stronger than over the counter medication. If this doesn't work, they he or she will likely prescribe some oral medication, which can be either antibiotics, which will fight the bacteria from the inside out, or hormone based medication, which will attempt to adjust your hormones in order to decrease the amount of oil production. These will work best of you happen to be going through puberty, when your body is releasing a flood of growth hormones which makes your sebaceous glands go crazy with oil production.

source: George Hutton)

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